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The Imani Centre – Charity Community Centre in Rusholme, Machester.

“In accomplishing the great things in our time, we must not only act but also dream…not only plan but also believe.”

Imani Community Association (ICA) is a success story accredited to the commitment, hard work determination and integrity of a group of people who for the better part of thirty years has served the local community of Manchester.

The Centre is ideally located with well kept surroundings that continue to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity. This is about making everyone feel welcome and accepted.

Imani Centre

Imani Early Years

Its beginnings should not be forgotten, dated some thirty six years evolving from one of its own   association, MATS (Martial Arts Temple System) formed in early 1978 by Chet Alexander and Joe Wray, the latter currently spearheading all its operations.

The ICA is a multicultural organisation, showing true representation within our community of all ethnic groupings. Many of the young people are members’ of the group.

Imani aims to achieve its stated objectives and promote its benefits without discrimination of sex, disability, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other opinions.

Imani welcomes people who are willing to become involve in varying aspect of the group activities by donating their time and resources. On that basis they play an important role in the running of the organisation and are the main supporters of social and fundraising event.

In order to become financially viable and maintain the infrastructure of the organisation, The ICA finds it   necessary to acquire funding through fundraising events and application for grants.

Charity Commission


THE ICA exists to impact on the family and wider community through the provision of services on the basis of need. Resources are geared towards helping vulnerable young people and ex offenders.

Our aim is to generate in them the capacity to promote and enhance their importance as worthwhile members of the community.


  • To train members of our community to become responsible individuals in today’s society with the ability to withstand the challenges of inner city life.
  • To provide support and training for young people through offering legitimate leisure and educational activities as an alternative to illegal pursuit.
  • To develop an arena for social activity, leisure education and training in a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere for the acquisition of essential skill.


If your interested in finding out more about the Imani Community Association, please do not hesitate to contact. There are no stupid questions,  we are here to help.

We would love for you to join our family.

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Contact Us

The West Indian Centre,
Carmoor Rd,
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Telephone: 0161 248 9520
Mobile: 07973 157 604
Email: info@martialartstemple.co.uk


MA’AT is part of the Imani Community Association. Imani represents our commitment to young people and families in the communities we serve.  In particular, we focus on the needs of vulnerable young people many of whom have experienced school exclusion or are ex-offenders.


Our student come from all across the North West, we accept any student willing to learn, but key locations our student come from are:

  • Manchester
  • Stockport
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire
Martial Arts Accreditations