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About the Imani Centre

The IMANI centre has long been an umbrella for various endeavours of the association.

It continues to sustain CREATE (a training enterprise) and Ma’at M.A.T.S (martial arts temple system) family.

The foregoing is its main attributes but it is very involved in community work in a variety of ways.

The centre serves as a venue that caters to the community need for social events. These include weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and funeral events.

A ‘reasoning forum’ was created geared towards addressing the perplexing and sometimes vexed question of living, surviving, understanding and finding a niche in today’s society.

It is not only the adults that benefits from what IMANI is prepared to do for the Manchester community.

Events at the Imani

Imani Community Association Testimonials

The Imani /Joe Wray, without the latter, the former would not exist! The Imani has being fulfilling its purpose of re-educating, educating, Training and supporting the youths and their families within and around the community. The people have benefited from these services in more ways than one.

The Imani have unlocked doors that are sealed, revealed doors that seem never to exist realistically. It is able to transfer a mountain into a mole hill, bringing back order to the society by training individuals to re-take control of their lives, supporting and educating parents of the different avenues to control their lives and the ones of their children.

Imani is a Life Saver! – Equipping individuals with both psychological and physical tools to understand and survive in the real world. Developing individual’s social skills to acknowledge, appreciate and accept others regardless of the differences in opinions, race, religion and gender.

The teaching and philosophy of Imani has a positive influence on the life of the youth within the community. The work that Imani does with the youth and their family brings back hope, allowing individuals to live a quality life, not necessarily monetary but mentally, teaching them self worth – how to value their lives and others by first respecting self. One has to first respect self before they can transfer that respect to another. It is able to redirect individual’s negative mental frame of mind so that they can appreciate the good things life has to offer.

Imani is not just a building. To some it is Heaven! Home! Refuge! Temple! It is the only place where they feel Safe, Secure, Relaxed, Loved, Belonged, Accepted, Appreciated, Non-judgemental, and Accommodated. It is a place of Love, Peace and Tranquillity, Knowledge, Understanding and Support. It is able to make one find peace by taking one away from the chaos, pain, hurt, disappointment and sadness of the world and tap into that part of life where there is harmony and order.

Imani brings back hope of this Community Survival. Where there is no Imani! There is no Faith, Hope or Believe!


The Imani Centre has been a home away from home for me for the past eleven years. Since I joined the MA’AT Martial Arts Temple System in 2000 the Imani has provided me with a consistent source of knowledge, guidance, support and acceptance.

Through my martial arts training under the instruction of Sensei Joe Wray and his Instructors, I have grown in confidence, ability, focus, humility and spiritual understanding amongst so many other things.

However, the centre represents much more than the martial arts. The centre has granted me sanctuary, brought me many new friends and welcomed me into a family unlike any other I have known. Whether there to train, enjoy a function or event or simply to take a break from the city and relax, I have always been made to feel welcome and found good company.

Sensei Joe Wray especially has made a profoundly positive impact on my life as a black role model and was integral to my successful transition from teenager to young man in Manchester. Without his influence, amazing example and constant devotion to the Imani I would not be who I am today.

Throughout my studies at university, my career as a carer and day to day life, the teaching’s I received at the Imani as a child, and continue to receive as an adult, keep me in good stead, and enable me to grow and flourish in all walks of life. For thousands of children, mothers, fathers and those in needs the Imani has stood as a beacon of truth and nurturing for over twenty three years, and I pray it continues to do so.

‘Imani’ translates to ‘faith’, and without a shred of doubt I would put all my faith into its sustained levels of excellence and continual growth.


I have recently joined the Imani Centre in March and have been warmly welcomed in like a member of a family. I have quickly made lots of new friends of all ages and backgrounds.

As a teacher I recognise the importance of support from the people around us and it is clear how important the Imani is in providing a community support and encouraging everyday people to support each other, building strong and positive spirits.

The people I have met through the Imani have all embraced this positive family ethos shown by the sharing of positive life stories, problems and issues, coupled with friendly advice and life lessons independently encouraged by everyone.

Since joining I am amazed at how much my self confidence has improved as it has encouraged me to talk to new people, building my people, social and inter-personal skills. I have obviously improved my fitness which has also improved the way I feel about myself, and it has also made me much more self aware about my health, alongside the improved knowledge of how to improve and maintain a healthy body and mind. I have been unlucky when it comes to injury which has impacted negatively towards the way I feel about my bodies loyalties, so the improvements that have come about thanks to the Imani cannot be more highly valued.

I really value the air of discipline that is encouraged as I strongly believe that this is essential to growth and development. It encourages focus and commitment which is something many of my students at school would benefit from, and the Imani provides this, showing young people how it can be achieved in a fair, caring and loving environment.

My young teenage brother has also been supported by the Imani who have helped build his self awareness through education about keeping himself safe in the world today, by staying alert and keeping away from precarious situations (the best self defence is not to be there), as well as how to deal with various situations if and when he stumbles upon them.

It has also encouraged my brother to meet new people outside his usual friendship groups which aren’t the norm for many school children, expanding his mind to the variety of life. My brother has been attending a special group running on a Saturday, aimed at the teenage youth which has been good to keep him occupied during the weekend, as well as providing a platform to express himself and his feelings and thoughts.

I am honoured to be part of a community like the Imani and I strongly believe it is one of the few truly positive and selfless pillars of our community. It is clearly loved by all its members who are what keeps it so strong and so highly recommended by so many people. I hope it continues grow and to support our community, so forthcoming generations will be continually blessed with its support.



If your interested in finding out more about the Imani Community Association, please do not hesitate to contact. There are no stupid questions,  we are here to help.

We would love for you to join our family.

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MA’AT is part of the Imani Community Association. Imani represents our commitment to young people and families in the communities we serve.  In particular, we focus on the needs of vulnerable young people many of whom have experienced school exclusion or are ex-offenders.


Our student come from all across the North West, we accept any student willing to learn, but key locations our student come from are:

  • Manchester
  • Stockport
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire
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