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C.R.E.A.T.E – Youth Programs

CREATE has worked closely with various arms of Social Services in and around Central, North and South Manchester.

The main thrust of CREATE is the young adult programs, designed to   facilitate progress towards changing negative self images through nurturing the body, mind and spirit.

CREATE programs facilitate discussion within a forum where disenfranchised young people can gain awareness of their untapped abilities and potential for meaningful existence. Added to that, the impetus is on empowering each individual to realise their potential to achieve core values, goals and aspirations.

The philosophy of the three ‘R’s (Reasoning, Respect and Responsibility) underpin the framework of each session.

CREATE also works with staff teams mainly linked to the young people.

The aim is to develop techniques that would enable staff teams to be effective in the management of the users of their service. This is done by enhancing effectiveness, self confidence and coping strategies.

The attendance at CREATE workshops has been phenomenal with approximately 880 attendance of young people and approximately 560 attendance of staff teams attending approximately 240 workshops in the past 20 months. Staff attended to develop their own knowledge and skill to enable them to build on what CREATE generated.

CREATE has worked with young men and women between ages 11-19 years of age. These include young people from a variety of backgrounds including prisons, residential homes and foster care. Other functions of CREATE includes working in partnership with parents and school communities to encourage excluded children back into schools.

CREATE also has a preventative strategy where we work with young people and their families within and outside the gang culture   giving them advice, support and training to make better choices, making them stronger in their endeavours to lead more productive lives.

Charity Commission

High Quality Seminars

The quality of the seminars and workshop has been evaluated to be very useful, constructive, stimulating, thought provoking and engaging.

The young people themselves considered the workshops to be useful and enjoyable where they felt valued as individuals and respected. They liked the environment which, for them, was conducive to feeling comfortable and relaxed, free from intimidation and non-judgemental.

We have in more recent times networked outside of the Manchester area with an aim to increase our reach to the people that needs us.


If your interested in finding out more about the Imani Community Association, please do not hesitate to contact. There are no stupid questions,  we are here to help.

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MA’AT is part of the Imani Community Association. Imani represents our commitment to young people and families in the communities we serve.  In particular, we focus on the needs of vulnerable young people many of whom have experienced school exclusion or are ex-offenders.


Our student come from all across the North West, we accept any student willing to learn, but key locations our student come from are:

  • Manchester
  • Stockport
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire
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